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Welcome to Efco

A brief introduction to Hobbygross Erler, Efco Hobbyprodukte.

One of Germany's largest craft and hobby wholesalers, Hobbygross Erler supplies over 15,000 lines to craft and hobby retailers all over the world under the Efco Hobbyprodukte brand.

Efco's contact for the British Isles and Ireland is Sinotex UK Ltd. Efco supplies only to the trade, manufacturers, education and other similar uses.

See the stockist page for details of stockists, many of whom offer mail order and on-line ordering, or if you are having problems finding a supplier or a particular product, just complete the contact form with details of your query - we're here to help!

If you would like to open a trade account with Hobbygross Erler / Efco Hobbyprodukte click here for an account application form.

Efco Hobbyprodukte also manufactures Uhlig and Efco fabric steamers and kilns for ceramics, enameling and laboratory use.

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